Detroit Symphony Orchestra collects children’s instruments throughout October


The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is collecting musical instruments this month to give to children in Detroit.

The goal is to collect 2,500 new and used instruments through the orchestra’s new non-profit organization Detroit Harmony, a city-wide collaborative effort between GRD and other arts nonprofits, schools, community organizations and civic leaders.

General Manager Damian Crutcher says there are 120,000 school-aged children in the city.

It would be great if everyone had the opportunity to play an instrument, to learn music production, to be in a band, to be in an orchestra, to know what it’s like to play the first note. , to play in an ensemble… We would like musical education to be part of everyone’s life.

Crutcher says the organization has instrument donation sites across Michigan.

He says Detroit Harmony accepts many types of instruments, but not organs or pianos because of their size.

For information on how to donate or to find places to drop off an instrument, visit the Detroit Symphony Orchestra website.

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