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Now is the time to enjoy in-person high school theater productions again.

At Deerfield High School, the cast and crew are preparing for her November 12-14 performance of “Mamma Mia!”

“Mum Mia! Is a jukebox musical, featuring songs by the Swedish pop group ABBA.

It follows Sophie, who was raised by her single mother Donna on an island in Greece. Sophie is about to get married and decides to find out who her real father is so he can accompany her down the aisle. Unbeknownst to her mother, Sophie invites her three possible fathers to the wedding, and they all introduce themselves. A comedy of errors follows.

Amanda Lange, who is in her 8th year teaching at Deerfield, said final preparations are going well even after a year off.

“The whole process leading up to this point felt really normal,” Lange said.

“It’s exciting but scary at the same time,” Lange added.

Heidi O’Toole is the guest star of the musical DHS this year. O’Toole, as Lange put it, “was a hell of a find.”

She holds an MA in Musical Theater from Roosevelt University and an MA in Education from DePaul University. Her experience includes teaching for 16 years in Chicago, directing and choreographing musicals, traveling to 26 different countries to sing and be an extra on various television shows.

O’Toole is enjoying her freshman year at Deerfield and is impressed by the students’ determination to put on a high quality show.

“First of all, I’m thrilled the kids are on stage again,” O’Toole said. “I am also delighted that the community has the opportunity to get involved in live theater again, especially with Mamma Mia.”

O’Toole described “Mamma Mia!” like a return to different times that will “establish a link with the community”.

“It’s all about the music and connecting in the moment,” added O’Toole.

DHS students Ella Perry and Laura Bush are part of the main cast.

Perry, who plays Donna’s friend Tanya, has been performing in shows since the age of six. Missing out on this has been difficult during the pandemic, she said.

“I was on a virtual solo ensemble, so at least I had some music,” Perry said. But “it was definitely not the same and I missed the feel of the choir in general and the musicals.”

Bush, who plays Rosie, Donna’s other friend, admitted that it was difficult to come to terms with all of the cancellations last year. Seniors have missed vital transition years from the first year of a musical to the lead role now, she said.

“We just had to get into such roles really quickly,” said Bush.

The students say they just can’t wait to get back on stage.

“We’re ready for a live audience,” Perry said.

“There is so much” to get excited about about this musical, Perry continued. “We say we are delighted to showcase our accomplishments every year, but this year in particular [is different] because we have made much more progress than in past years.

“Mum Mia! Will be presented at Deerfield High School on Friday November 12 and Saturday November 13 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday November 14 at 1:00 p.m. To purchase tickets or for more information contact Amanda Lange at The places reserved for the gymnasium are sold out.


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