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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

After a slumber of almost 17 years, Swedish Death and Grind Metal Leviathan, emaciated, woke up with a vengeance.

Formed in 1991 and emulsifying numerous mixtures of thrash, death and grind, emaciated established themselves as one of the most important bands of the 90s and early 2000s in the aforementioned genre…

And those who follow have not forgotten it.

Originally planning to create a few songs for a vinyl box set, vocalist and bassist Gustave Jorde tells us that the unification emaciated again in 2021 the registration process was so good again that they continued. Low and bebe, featuring the guitarist’s original core Lars Lofvendrummer Modin matte and Gustave, 6th full album Grind the material (posted via metal blade) was cast together.

bent out of shape presents the album and does not joke. Straight into the searing drums and frenetic riffing we find a furious, gritty track that twists and turns with elements of blackened thrash bass and throaty death metal vocals ringing out quite consistently throughout this song. Leading towards the end of the track, however, is a wonderful lead where Mast absolutely fuels those explosive beats and we’re thrown into a catchy yet BRUTAL tempo twist.

album title Grind the material is another distorting track as much as its lyrics describe it, the feel here is not just pure ferocity, there is a sense of atmospheric traces especially through the vocal tones of this song. You can say a lot of things like A grave for all.

Although the bass notes also come from Gustav here are heavy, low and granitic sounds, which, I have the impression, provide turns of tempo rather than explosive departures of cymbals and pedals of Mast.

The introduction to Heavy transport is just wonderful. Gustav showcases another level of his vocals with his ability to mix in top notch screams again, atmospheric moans that set the tone with the by Lars hell of riffs. Only a few minutes long, this track is sheer brutality and runs at lightning speed. There are also underlying vocals to this from another Swedish Thrash band, FKU. If what you’re looking for is fast and heavy, this is one of the fastest tracks to listen to.

dear devil is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favorite tracks on Grind the material – the intro gives us a bit of a different direction to start with, with a chuggy-ish melody from Lars and a double wham of riffs on top, there’s this atmosphere that I love so much in my metal – before it turns into matte exceptional breath beats and the bloodiest growl that erupts from Gustav. This track tells us about a letter from a narcissist in the Underworld demanding that a wishlist be granted and is arrogant enough to think that the letter and his demands will be honored.

This track melts into a perfect balance of blackened elements of thrash and grind before we are brought into contact by Watch blind.

staring blindly shows again, a different angle to the ferocity of Grind the material – this, I think, is much more of a Death Metal listen – The chugging riffs coalesce into a wild ball of consistent explosions and a nuance of melody and shifting tempo thundering through the track.

Watch ‘Heavy Haul’ here:

Enter…a weirdness to the next offering of ghostly moans of synths blending into this album’s question “What do I care about losses and losses?”

I think you have to know that this glimmer of beauty darkens to Blood Well Spent was created by none other than Scott Fairfax (Memoriam, As The World Dies, HDrive Project) – and he sets the tone for this absolute whirlwind of a track before it turns into a torrential downpour of deadly dirty beats and riffs.

At Gustave’s the voice begins with a loud howl, then by Lars blowing riffs take over. Plus it’s another track that I feel like At Gustave’s equally chugging, screeching bass defines the spine throughout.

i really feel it Uploaded by Genius really shows the talent of Mast through. The battery is first class. This is another track that lasts only a few moments although the velocity and almost the inhuman blasting and twists that come from it are astounding.

behind dead eyes is another favorite of mine. It’s a mix of more of a catchy melodic riff and vocals throughout the track and I think it showcases the more Death Metal side of emaciated – the drums are less of a speed bullet, although not to be underestimated, there is still speed and power behind those explosions but definitely a change in melody and rhythm to give the song the resultant force it seeks.

It’s beautiful – in a distorted…brutal…DEADLY way.

At Gustave’s the vocals are raw but this time the flow of his range matches that of the melody of the blasts and riffs. It fits perfectly and provides a vibe that goes with the speed and rhythm of this track.

blastbeast is another pure hell of speed and and displays why the hell Mast is one of the most underrated drummers today. He is a machine. An absolute machine. Just crank this track up and listen to it assault your ears for a while.

You cannot deny competence. The speed throughout this album has been outstanding and it doesn’t stop until we get to the album finale – Last nail in the coffin.

It shows the same speed speed though, until we get to a few tempo change breaks to twist that notch again. The bass is again, super clear and chuggy here, the riffs give off frenetic energy. The track ends with the sound of pounding in the wood… which creates a macabre vision at the end Grind on the material.

fans of emaciated who desired a reunion should now be more than satisfied with their solution… Grind the material has a more diverse vibe than previous releases and shows these guys’ ability to remain as prominent in Death/Grind Metal as they are illustrious.

Welcome back, guys!

The emaciated are:

Gustaf Jorde – vocals/bass

Lars Löfven – guitars

Matte Modin – drums

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