DaVille launches new leaderboards, every time it’s rainy and happy


by Howard Campbell

[KINSTON, Jamaica] – It was 2006 and Da’Ville had one of Jamaica’s biggest hit songs with Always in my minda love rock jam that ruled the airwaves and sound picker playlists.

Sixteen years later, the singer is looking for another hit parade. He is currently promoting two new songs — Every time it rains and happy.

The former is a cover of Swedish band Ace Of Base’s 1998 hit while Happy is a mix of R&B and reggae. He is aware that fans are clamoring for him to produce another Always on my Mind but has never felt pressured to duplicate his biggest hit.


“No pressure at all, I don’t work with pressure that way. I get a lot of requests from people to sing it, so I’ll be on Cameo soon so my fans can order a custom version of it, but other than that, i try my best to stay away from that kind of energy because if i allow myself to feel that way, especially when it comes to music, i could go crazy,” Da said. ‘Town.

Always on my Mind was his breakthrough solo song, after several years with ARP, a harmony quintet that had measured success in Jamaica. It was so popular that Sean Paul appeared on a remix of the song.

Describing his reggae version of Everytime it Rains as an “interpretation” rather than a cover, he said he agreed to a version after hearing the proposed beat. Happy, on the other hand, has an edgy R&B flavor, reminiscent of the 1990s.

While he wants to add a different dimension to dancehall music, reaching new ears is equally important to Da’Ville.

“The biggest picture for me with this is to show off my range and versatility while making positive music for young people and people in general to listen to, especially on the radio. I want my music to spiritually transcend listeners and put them in a positive mood, and if that also helps change the landscape and push the contemporary reggae vibe, then I’m all for it,” he said. he declares.


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