David Bowie pop-up store arrives in New York and London


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Two new immersive David Bowie pop-ups arrive in New York and London to celebrate his 75th birthday.

Called Bowie 75, the experiential events open on October 25, just 75 days before Bowie’s birthday on January 8. The icon would have been 75 years old, reports the New York Post. The New York pop-up is located on Wooster Street in Soho, a short walk from Bowie’s home on Lafayette Street. The London location is on Heddon Street, where he shot the cover of his 1972 album, The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders of Mars.

Lawrence Peryer, who produced the event series, told the outlet: “These locations were chosen specifically.”

He continued, “It really is about authenticity. London was so important to Bowie as an artist, and his fan base there is incredibly passionate. New York is where he lived and made his late career music. He performed the concert here after September 11; he has so many connections. I read a nice quote from SOMA magazine where Bowie said, “I’m a New Yorker now. “

In addition to a retail store, the museum has sound, video and photo installations, as well as an immersive audio booth run by Bowie producer Tony Visconti. Elsewhere, fans can leave messages for Bowie, which will later appear on the exhibit’s website. They can also write songs on “The Cut Up Magnet Wall”, which allows fans to rearrange his lyrics to accept new posts, a method Bowie himself used. “It’s reminiscent of one of the ways David created songs,” Peryer said. “It’s a low tech technology, but with a high impact. “

Fans will be able to purchase upcoming reissues of Bowie’s music, including his’ 90s box set, David Bowie 5: A Brilliant Adventure (1992 – 2001), which falls on November 26, and Toy (Toy: Box), which will be released on January 7. Both exhibitions will be open until the end of January 2022


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