DagoBeats unites artists and producers with pop-up The Beat Market


Dallas music producer Dagoberto Estrada, known as DagoBeats in the music scene, wants to bring North Texas back to its musical peak. To that end, Estrada will host a pop-up called The Beat Market on July 16.

Unlike other pop-up shops, there will be no clothing, candles, mugs, stickers or decorations. Instead, The Beat Market will sell musical beats. This is something that, to his knowledge, has never been done before.

“I’ve never seen anyone else do anything like that,” Estrada says. “Everyone I’ve talked to really likes it. So it just makes me think, like, this is something that should have been done already.

Before the digital age, music producers pored over cases of vinyl for music samples in record stores, where they met other producers, artists and music enthusiasts making connections. It doesn’t happen anymore.

As a former street artist, Estrada understands how crucial relationship building is. Estrada met artists Chilldren of Indigo, Cure for Paranoia and The Leo Sun Project while walking the streets of Deep Ellum. These introductions allowed him to develop his skills as a producer. Under the wing of Raul “Rulz” Martinez, Estrada was able to expand his knowledge and eventually open his own recording studio, Skye Vision, with business partner and artist RJayDtx.

A producer’s role in the creative process is increasingly becoming a username selling beats behind a screen, with the only interaction with artists happening – if ever – in a recording studio. Artists often come equipped with beats they have purchased online.

“I do 90, 95 percent of my networking with artists online, and I haven’t really networked with a lot of local artists in Dallas,” says Dallas producer Devan Diltz. “I think it would be a great opportunity to build a catalog with local artists and connect face-to-face with people I may not have met, just by networking on social media.”

Diltz, who goes through DDiltz professionally, will be at the pop-up with Estrada and eight other producers including BrownyBeats, Jay Indigo from Chilldren of Indigo and DONT3 from San Antonio.

“I’m working to diversify my city and share my music with as many people as possible,” says Donte Griffin, aka DONT3. “I never had the opportunity to bring the studio into a vendor environment. It will be interesting to see what kind of artists come to shop in person; some don’t get the chance to meet the producers in person.

“Give the producers credit… Without us, there would be no music. There would just be a bunch of people rapping acapella and singing acapella. –Dagoberto Estrada, aka DagoBeats

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Griffin plans to make beats on location to give artists a taste of his work. Estrada says the beats will start at $50 and he expects the average cost to be between $100 and $200. Prices vary by producer.
For this event, most of the producers specialized in hip-hop, R&B and Latin music. Estrada also specializes in jazz. His favorite production is “Mix and Match” by Jovaun and 23CUPS.

Besides buying beats, recording artists will have the opportunity to network with other artists, find songwriters such as RJayDtx, and find recording studios. Estrada and RjayDtx will have a table for Skye Vision.

The event will begin at 1 p.m. Admission is free for recording artists. Local artists such as RJayDtx, Maverick Lawson, DJ Still Do and Chilldren of Indigo will take the stage every hour starting at 3 p.m. Heights District will have an on-site barbecue and G2 Treats will be selling drinks.

Estrada hopes to make the market a monthly event that extends beyond hip-hop, R&B and Latin. He expects artists to leave The Beat Market with inspiration, new beats and industry connections. Another of his goals is for local artists to walk away with a renewed appreciation for the producers and outlets that elevate their art.

“Give the producers credit,” Estrada says. “Without us, there would be no music. There would just be a bunch of people rapping acapella and singing acapella.

The Beat Market takes place from 1 to 8 p.m., Saturday, July 16, at the Heights District, 1107 Dragon St.


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