Christmas in October this weekend in Salado


SALADO, TX (KWTX) – Main Street in Salado and its quaint shops will be brought to life with Christmas music and a holiday twist during the Christmas event in October this weekend.

In fact, Christmas carols can be heard in the quaint shops. The Salado Ladies Community League held a Jingle Walk to allow visitors to shop at the many stores in Salado while enjoying Christmas music and decorations.

Most of the shops on Main Street are decorated with Christmas trees and already sell holiday-inspired products.

Organizers said that while Christmas in October is an annual event, there is a practical reason for it this year.

A store on Main Street in Salado, Texas(Rosemonde Crown)

“Moving forward, because with all the supply chain stuff, a lot of places are saying you might not be able to get some as Christmas approaches,” said Robbie Pettit, the one of the organizers.

“So now is a good time to move on and stock up on things that you might not find available at the last minute. “

The SLCL sold Jingle Walk passports which allowed customers to take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Organizers say there was so much interest in an early Christmas that passports sold out.

Visitors who have not purchased a shopping passport can still visit the stores in Salado. The Jingle Walk continues on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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