Children’s musical instrument recalled due to choking hazard


A children’s musical toy sold in Primark stores in the US has been recalled after it was found to pose a choking hazard to children. On June 16, the retailer issued a voluntary recall of Primark wooden xylophone toys after discovering that the feet of the xylophone can detach, posing a safety hazard to children.

Consumers were alerted to the recall in joint notices posted on Primark’s website and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to those notices, the recall only affects wooden xylophone toys, which have pastel-colored metal xylophone bars and a wooden percussion stick and are intended for children 10 months and older. The recall is limited in scope, with only around 450 units sold in Primark US stores located in the Northeast, Florida and Chicago from March 2021 to October 2021 for around $3. Consumers can confirm if their xylophone is included in the recall by the Kimball number, which can be found on the product packaging. The Kimball number for the recalled xylophone is 7494501. Images of the recalled xylophones can be found by clicking here.

Primark launched the recall after “learning that the xylophone feet can become detached and fall off posing a choking hazard to young children”. According to the advisory, no injuries have been reported so far. However, due to the risk the product poses to children, consumers are urged to “immediately stop using the recalled xylophone.” In an FAQ page, Primark stated that although the product appears to be in full working order and the xylophone feet are not lost, the product should not be used. Primark said: “We ask all users to immediately stop using this product and return it to us for a full refund.”

Consumers who purchased the recalled xylophone should return it to their local Primark store to receive a full refund. No receipt is needed and the xylophone can still be returned even if consumers have lost the wooden stick that comes with it. Primark advised consumers against simply throwing away the recalled toy, noting that “we are conducting this recall in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Primark is required to collect the recalled xylophones and certify their destruction. We cannot issue that refund once the recalled products have been returned.In any event, it is important that you stop using this product immediately.


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