Celebrating True Legacy at Matiechem Fest

Oct 04, 2022 | 05:57 IST

Celebrating True Legacy at Matiechem Fest

Matiechem Fest saw the village of Pilerne come alive with live music, dancing and a wealth of knowledge as the villagers pooled their talents to create a unique festival. The Soil Festival brought like-minded people together as they enjoyed the flavors of Goan cuisine and heard the beats of ghumot and coconut shells

Dolcy D’Cruz

Sunday was a sunny day in Pilern, literally for the scorching sun but also for the warmth of the unity of the villagers, who worked together to organize their first popular festival, Matiechem Fest. The festival went through with a lot of planning and preparation which was evident with how it was organized in a very systematic way with smiling faces all around the square. Each of the 13 neighborhoods in the village have been given responsibilities, from toddlers to elders who have been seen on their toes, either playing in the programs, setting the stage or serving food and water on the site. Organized by Marius Fernandes and Gwendolyn de Ornelas, the festival organized in association with the villagers of Pilerne, within the grounds of the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Pilerne. Besides great music and food and educational talks, the festival has had many firsts to its name. “A world record was held at the festival with 640 percussion instruments like kottieos, ghumots, mandallams etc. played at the same place at the same time and judged by judges Eric and Joyce Pinto from Pinnacle World Record Goa. Konkani pop star O’luv specially composed a song for the festival, ‘Matiechem Fest’ and it was performed in the mandd in the Ghumtacho Nach segment.Another highlight of the party was the launch of the Pilerne Startup , a weekly market that will be held every Thursday. The Pilerne Art Socio Cultural Association (PASCA) and the Pilerne Ghumot Girls Group were also unveiled during the festival,” says Marius Fernandes, also known as Goencho festakar. Pilerne Arts – Socio-cultural association, Pilerne was officially registered and announced at the festival by the parish priest, Father Derrick Fernandes.The world group Goa Girls Ghumot led by Dr. Ornelas was launched during the festival and the third year. Anniversary of the birth of Ghumot, the state instrument of Goa, which has been declared a heritage instrument of Goa, was celebrated during the festival. The Pilerne Sunshine group was another new addition along with the Pilerne Theater group led by director Edmer Barreto. The Pilerne Brass Band and the Pilerne Art Corner were also launched. There were several well-timed performances to keep everyone entertained for the festival. Mando was performed by students from Chubby Cheeks School, Pilerne, Fugdi was also performed by Shree Ganesha Group, Pilerne, Pilerne/Saligao seminarians gave a display of football skills and performed a choral piece while Kotti Zumba was choreographed and performed by Zeeba, a resident of Pilerne. The halls were grouped into five groups which presented beautiful performances of Goencho Poder Goencho Render, Goenchi Guirestkai, Goenchi Mati and Goenche Vavraddi. All were dressed in T and made the event very lively. Stage events included Bolcãocheo Gozalli with historian Prajal Sakardande sharing information about the village, a lecture by horticulturist Miguel Braganza, and musical performances by singer Konkani O’Luv and percussionist Carlos Gonsalves. ‘Goencho Festakar’, documentation of some of the festivals in the form of a book with foreword by Dr Gwendolyn De Ornelas and designed by cartoonist Vaibhav Salgaokar was published at the festival by Dr Prajal Sakardande.Marius Fernandes was also recognized for his social responsibility work by the Goan Diaspora across the world and in Goa and received an award from Gavin Dias, Director General of Goa Tourism Department. Ghupoten, a new female-friendly percussion musical instrument, was launched at the festival which now completes the Ghumot family which includes the other three instruments, ghumot, mandallem and ghumoteen. Many well-known Goans supported the Peoples Day, mingling with the crowd, including Miguel Braganza, Alexyz, Clarice Vaz, Simone Rego, Avertino Miranda and Dr. Gustavo Pinto. Pilern welcomed almost 1000 visitors for the one-day festival and everyone left with a big smile. and good memories.


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