Buy a Day of Musical Instruments 2022: Best Instruments for Beginners Under $200


Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar? And the piano? On Sunday, May 22, celebrate Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day and do just that. Buy this keyboard or drum kit and start your musical journey.

We’ve got you covered for beginner instruments. Our list includes guitars, keyboards, plastic instruments and more for under $200. We expect to hear your beautiful melodies soon invade our neighborhoods.


Eastar Bb Standard Trumpet Set For Beginner | Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy beginner instruments. Take the Standard Beginner Easter Bb Trumpet Set, for example. At $158.99, you don’t have to break the bank to get into music. This beginner’s trump set is equipped with a unique valve system and is very durable during performances. The set also includes white gloves, cleaning suit, 7C mouthpiece and hard case.

Rosen Tenor Ukulele Starter Kit |  Amazon

Rosen Tenor Ukulele Starter Kit | Amazon

For $109.99, check out the Rosen Tenor Ukulele Starter Kit that comes with a lesson book. The ukulele has a pearl inlay design and a solid mahogany top which helps produce a crisp and pleasing sound. The sound is rich and will continue to improve as the instrument ages. The kit comes with a padded gig bag, capo, beginners book, strap, tuner, 4 extra nylon picks, 2 picks and a cleaning cloth.

Yamaha portable keyboard |  Amazon

Yamaha portable keyboard | Amazon

Yamaha is a well-known and popular brand in the music industry. For $149.99, you can start your journey with the company like many others do. Consider the Yamaha portable keyboard that produces hundreds of high-quality sounds from drums and SFX kits. Use the 61 full-size keys to go from beginner to master in no time. Plus, the quiz mode built into the keyboard makes learning fun.

Beginner Easter Flute in C |  Amazon

Beginner Easter Flute in C | Amazon

There aren’t too many flautists breaking into the music industry, but if Lizzo can do it, you can do it. Get started with the Beginner’s Easter C Flute for $129.99 and you’ll be on stage with it by the end of this year. The high quality double bladder pads are perfect for everyday practice and are even better for beginning flautists. The instrument also produces an accurate tone and top notch timbre and is endorsed by many music schools. The package comes with a durable hard case, flute stand, cleaning kit, tuning screws and white gloves.

Vangoa Violin Set for Beginners |  Amazon

Vangoa Violin Set for Beginners | Amazon

For a bargain price of $105.99, be sure to put the Vangoa Beginners Violin Set in your cart. The instrument has an antique varnish body so that the violin sounds are clear and bright. If you’re serious about picking up the violin, the package comes with note stickers that can help you recognize the specific phoneme location. The pack also comes with a durable violin case. digital turner, guide, 2 piece rosins, note stickers, extra strings, violin bow, bridge and a violin mute.


Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit |  walmart

Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit | walmart

Want to gamble on a budget and discover a new hobby on the same day? The Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit can be all yours for $49.99. This guitar is easy to play and has easy to hold nylon strings. The package comes with an electronic tuner, gig, bag, guitar strap, pick holder, extra nylon strings, 6 celluloid picks, capo and cloth.

ONVEVER mini Kalimba |  walmart

ONVEVER mini Kalimba | walmart

Instruments come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want something you can literally fit in your back pocket, grab this ONVEVER Mini Kalimba for $10.99. This mini instrument is wear-resistant and rust-proof, giving it a sturdy and durable service life. He doesn’t really come with much, just himself, but you don’t really have to to learn player.

Donner Electric Guitar Starter Kit |  walmart

Donner Electric Guitar Starter Kit | walmart

Maybe you want to be a Rockstar. Hey, it’s not too late! For $133.99, you can jump into that dream with the Donner Electric Guitar Starter Kit. This guitar has two classic single-coil pickups and a powerful 203S humbucker pickup. You can also achieve different tones by adjusting GAIN and TONE, and change them according to your style. The package includes a 3W electric guitar amp, bag, guitar strap, capo, strings, DT-2 tuner and 4 picks.

The Musician’s Friend

Pearl Vision Birch Snare Drum |  The Musician's Friend

Pearl Vision Birch Snare Drum | The Musician’s Friend

Start a group while you’re at it. Someone has to be on drums, right? For $129.99 pick up the Pearl Vision Birch Snare Drum which provides a powerful punch and attack that Birch is known to have.

pBone Plastic trombone |  The Musician's Friend

pBone Plastic trombone | The Musician’s Friend

This affordable paperclip is currently $199.99 and has 8 colors to choose from. Get the pBone Plastic Paper Clip and take advantage of the .500 bore pitch. The instrument is half the weight of a regular trombone and is easier to play, allows for good posture and is completely durable! The recyclable and eco-friendly pBone is nearly indestructible and has been approved by music teachers.

Traditional Zildjian Gong |  The Musician's Friend

Traditional Zildjian Gong | The Musician’s Friend

If you’re not sure where to start with Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day, you have the option of choosing one of the simpler instruments. For $120.95, try the traditional Zildjian gong. These cymbals have great projection, clarity and durability.


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