BTS: J-Hope includes Magic Shop lyrics in self-designed merchandise, Jimin and V spin models with goofy poses. look


BTS member J-Hope unveiled his personalized product for ARMY, the group’s fandom, on Tuesday. As part of its artist-made collection, J-Hope has launched a set of Hope jars and a side-by-side mini bag. Both products have hidden meanings in them.

In the video, posted on Weverse and VLive, BTS’s J-Hope told host and band member Jin that the Hope pot set comes with four small pots and the owner can grow any plant. Of his choice. J-Hope did not disclose the engraving on the jars but said he tried to get a message across. “Even when I’m not around or out of sight, I will always be by your side,” he said.

On Twitter, fans deciphered the message. A Twitter account named J-Hope pics, shared a bunch of images decoding the message on the jar and the meaning behind the bag. A photo shared in the tweet read, “Hoseok pots say his Magic Shop words: Like a rose when it blooms, Like a cherry blossom when it scatters, Like a morning glory when it fades, Like those beautiful times.” The netizen captioned the post, “Hobi’s pot of hope with his magic shop lyrics and mini bag is like the blue side.”

On Twitter, fans deciphered the message.
Fans shared messages.

Another fan tweeted, “Hobi’s product is a ‘H (heart emoji) PE’ shaped plant pot with the magic shop lyrics written in his handwriting.” “Hobi put the Magic Shop lyrics on the jars, oh my god this is so pretty,” another Twitter user said.

In the video, J-Hope opened up about his bag, saying he put “his heart and soul into designing it.” The BTS member called his bag fashionable and practical. Reacting to her bag, one Twitter user wrote, “Hobi used Blue Side as the concept for her side-by-side mini bag.”

“The design of Hobi’s mini bag being inspired by his piece Blue Side, hence its shade of blue and named side-by-side”. His music truly transcends all forms of artistic creation,” another fan said. “It was used to display Taehyung’s product right before our eyes,” another tweeted.

In the video, V and Jungkook posed as the models for the bag. The duo made goofy poses and pretended to train too and pose like athletes while showing off the bag.

As the duo started pulling stuff out of the bag in a fun way, J-Hope said, “It’s like the scene from a comic book.” Later, V and Jimin also stood like models as J-Hope and Jin explained the products to viewers. At the end of the video, J-Hope revealed that the etchings on the pots were from the track Magic Shop.

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On Twitter, reacting to Jimin and V’s antics, one fan wrote, “Either the vmin are the models or the kids, it always works, amazing.” “These QVC models are killing me with their ‘unconventional poses,'” another fan said. A Twitter user wrote: “Why do models even try when vmin exists?” “You never get bored with vmin,” said another fan.


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