Bring out the music in you with 76 hours of piano and guitar lessons


Do you imagine yourself tickling the ivories, or do you imagine playing riffs and riffs perfectly on your guitar? Maybe instead of having the music played only in your head or jamming with your air guitar, you can turn your musical dreams into reality by learn to play the instrument with that Complete piano and guitar pack 2022.

Think you’re too old to learn to play? Admittedly, it can be a little more difficult for an adult to master the art than a child who started their scales and chords at the age of three, but let us assure you. It’s never too late to learn! In fact, there are benefits you might never have thought of, including memory retention, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

So the next time you listen Elton John show off your genius at the piano or get caught up in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, wishing they could do what they do, why not give it a try? This pack is the perfect place for you start your musical journey.

If the piano is your instrument of choice, piano for all is specially designed for beginners. It aims to get you playing rhythm-style piano in a variety of styles such as ballads, blues, and jazz in a relatively short period of time. Over time, you can also learn to improvise and create your own melodies while learning to read music. Through additional lessons, you’ll master basic theory, gain greater technique, and practice fundamental arranging patterns.

If you’re interested in guitar, you can start right from the start with a basic understanding of chords, rhythm, and strumming. From here, you can develop your auditory training and pitch recognition, as well as learn different playing techniques like slides, pull-offs, harmonics, and tapping. You can then channel your new talents into jazz and blues and expose your musical knowledge enough to impress your friends.

With lifetime access, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your musical prowess. Whether you learn the guitar with Dan Dresnocka session guitarist who has taught over 50,000 students online, or a piano with Jack Vaughancomposer, bandleader, and founder of (or both!), this set will have you playing some of your favorite songs before you know it.

With a regular value of $1,600, you can purchase all eight courses from Complete set of musical composition for piano and guitar 2022 for only $34.99.


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