“Bridgerton” Details on the Indian origins of Kate Sharma


Bridgerton is renowned for its classic covers of popular modern music, with hits from Harry Styles, Madonna and Miley Cyrus all featured this season. But the song that had the biggest cultural impact had to be the cover of Kabi Khushi Kabhie Gham (otherwise called K3G, or in English ‘Sometimes happy, sometimes sad’). It set the perfect tone for Edwina’s Haldi ceremony, paying homage to her Indian roots as she prepares to leave her family’s safety net and take her place in English society.

Charithra (who plays Edwina) spoke about the significance of the song at a national press conference, saying, “For me, this song is a Bollywood staple, so as soon as it came out, I was says “Wait” and then rewind and immediately pause and text Chris [Van Dusen, the show runner] saying, ‘It literally brought tears to my eyes because it’s a collision of my two worlds.’ When you grow up as children of immigrants, sometimes it’s so difficult to determine your identity and you don’t always know where you belong.”

The actor added, “It was one of the defining moments where you were like, ‘Ah okay, I get it now. I can be both and do both.’ Especially that song — it’s such a family song and it has a big meaning behind it. it makes sense so it was indicative of my identity and I love it.”

Like Charithra, I grew up watching this film and have seen it more times than I can remember – such is its legacy in every Indian home.


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