Billy Idol announces documentary and new EP


Legendary rock icon billy idol shared a number of exciting updates, courtesy of Variety. Idol has shared that a documentary is being filmed with Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, who is best known for his work on Madonna’s Ray of light.

Idol has also confirmed that they will be releasing a new EP, Cage, in September. The project comes courtesy of Dhani Harrison’s Dark Horse Records. A single is due out tomorrow August 17th. Regarding the collaboration, Harrison shared, “My dad was a Billy Idol fan. Once we looked Beavis and Butthead and they played ‘Dancing with Myself’, and I remember my dad used to like Billy and Beavis and Butthead.” Additionally, Idol has an upcoming European tour with a TV opening and resuming a Las Vegas residency in late fall.

“These new songs are celebratory because Steve and I are having fun,” Billy told Variety. “It’s kind of crazy to keep making music that we’re passionate about.”

“We both grew up with the Beatles,” Stevens adds in that same interview, “where every song and every album was completely different. Billy and I see music as a journey. There’s a method to our craziness, but at the same time we throw away the formula and try other approaches. There are no rules. It’s just two guys with acoustic guitars and let’s see what we have.

When Idol and his band toured in late 2021, they were accompanied by director Akerlund, who then had the idea of ​​making an Idol documentary. The film, which is produced by Live Nation, came to Akerlund after reading his 2015 biography, dance with myselfand listening to Idol’s own audiobook narration.

“I said to Billy, ‘It’s a movie… We have to tell this story,'” Akerlund says in the same Variety characteristic. “What incredible timing Billy had in his career. He was there when punk-rock came to London and then moved to New York just like MTV was exploding, and now he’s in Los Angeles. Personally, I love his story, the incredible events in his life. And the music touched so many people.

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