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Those who read my weekly columns know that I sometimes share something that I read in an Our Daily Bread devotion. What I’m writing this week appeared in Our Daily Bread on May 27, 2021.

Jennifer Benson Schuldt spoke about the beautiful spring wildflowers that line parts of California like Antelope Valley and Figueroa Mountain. However, she shared that during droughts, few flowers bloom. One could easily assume that wildflowers just don’t grow in harsh conditions, but scientists have found that some wildflowers store massive amounts of seeds underground during droughts. Instead of allowing their seeds to germinate and then die from lack of moisture, the flowers retain the seeds. When conditions improve, the flowers use the seeds they ‘saved for a rainy day’ and vibrant wildflowers once again line the area.

The Bible tells the following stories of believers who prospered through extremely difficult times. For example:

Job, one of the richest men in the ancient world, lost everything through no fault of his own. Unsympathetic “friends” left him feeling even worse. Yet God finally restored all that he had lost and more. (Job 1-42)

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and then imprisoned before becoming the second most powerful man in Egypt. He finally saved the ancient world from a terrible drought. (Genesis 37-50)

Moses was forcibly removed from his parents’ home as a child, and at age 40 he was forced to leave Egypt, the only place he had ever lived. It wasn’t until he was 80 years old that God used him to deliver the Jewish people from Egypt. (Exodus 1-40)

David was anointed second king of Israel when he was young, however, because the current king was jealous of his ability, he had to run repeatedly for his life before he became king. (I Samuel 16 – II Samuel 2)

The story of God’s work continues in the New Testament with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Just 40 days later, the fledgling church exploded with incredible growth.

Each of these stories demonstrates a situation where God turned despair into hope. No one ever said it better than Jesus when he shared these words in the Sermon on the Mount: “… if God cares so wonderfully about the wildflowers that are here today and set in the fire tomorrow, he will definitely take care of you. Why do you have so little faith? (Matthew 6:30, NLT)

Here is the lesson for all of us. God cared for each of these heroes in the Bible just as he cares for the California wildflowers. While I may not know what is going on in your life right now, I do know that just as God protects the seeds of wild flowers, He also cares about you and me and gives each of us hope. .

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