Best Virtual Meditation Experiences on Airbnb


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Whatever your feelings about meditation and mindfulness, there’s a good reason to give it a shot: it can bring you a host of incredible benefits, from boosting brain power to managing pain, stress or depression. If you’re ready to get into the practice, there’s no need to head into the mountains for a full silent retreat (but if you want to, that’s great). Airbnb’s online experiences are full of meditation lessons from experts around the world. So whether you just want to learn more about another culture or learn meditation skills that you can apply to your daily life, it’s a great way to get started without a massive commitment.

Your options here run the gamut from chanting with a Japanese monk, to learning sun salutations from experts in India, to attending a wellness workshop focused on laughter and self-reflection while listening. of the Parisian piano. Whether you’re interested in music, cultural rituals, or adorable sheep, there’s no shortage of mindfulness courses you can take online.

Here are ten of our favorites:


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