Basketball in the Barrio is back in person after a three-year hiatus due to Covid-19


EL PASO, Texas — Basketball in the Barrio is back to give kids the skills not just for basketball, but for the game of life.

For just $1, kids ages 6-10 get two basketballs, hands-on training, a t-shirt, a musical instrument, and more as part of the three-day program.

It’s an initiative started 30 years ago by Steve Yellen and Rus Bradburd.

Yellen told ABC-7 when they started that program participants had to pay. He said they quickly realized it wasn’t about the money and instead they should use the camp as a way to help children growing up in poorer communities.

Yellen said it’s about making sure kids in the Barrio are proud of where they come from, the border culture around them, and giving them the skills to succeed in life.

“If a child can learn a skill and work hard, if they can show off in front of their family and friends, that gives them confidence,” Yellen said. “We teach them to show off, that’s the essence of basketball in the Barrio, so they go out and not only show off their neighborhood culture, but also their basketball skills.”

It’s not too late to get involved in the program. If you show up before 9 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday, Yellen will make sure you get into camp for just $1.


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