Basildon Poundstretcher store delights customers



HUGE cheers echoed through the city center as a new economy store opened to the delight of shoppers.

Poundstretcher opened in Basildon on Friday morning as music, fun and happy customers filled the city center.

About 30 shoppers eagerly awaited their turn to grab a bargain while watching entertainment, games and other entertainment on a stage.

Children and families won prizes and received colorful balloons when they entered the store and quickly began to fill their baskets with treats.

The opening ceremony also featured two hours of entertainment to mark the first day of opening. There was music, games and family activities hosted by artist Ian Gee.

The grand opening saw shoppers win £ 250 Entertainer vouchers and £ 200 will be donated to Basildon Foodbank.

Buyers say this is exactly what the downtown needs to reinvent itself.

Laura De La Fuente and James Fuente from Basildon were in the queue and said it was fantastic.

Laura also took home a £ 20 voucher and said: ‘It’s absolutely fantastic and now it’s our closest store and that adds up to the city center as well.

“It’s also better than other inexpensive stores and I think we’ll come there often when we visit downtown. It’s nice to see something new, especially with the development of the East Square Cinema.

“It’s great to see a little bit of life take hold in the city and I hope it will see more businesses move to the city.

“I was surprised to win the voucher.”

Couple Trudy and Dean Platt said they liked the good value for money.

Mr Platt said: “We lost a similar store in town, but this one is much better. We like a good deal and not always



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