At 14.6% CAGR, the Warehouse Automation Market Expected to Reach $ 38.23 Billion by 2027, According to Brandessence Market Research


PUNE, India, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A New Era of Innovation: Warehouse Automation Market Size is expected to experience huge growth with a CAGR of 14.6% during the periods 2020-2027, according to a new report from Brandessence Market Research. The market should grow from a valuation of $ 14.73 billion in 2020 at $ 38.23 billion in 2027. The main drivers of major growth in warehouse automation market size are the increasing efficiency of robotics, automation, and other supporting technologies such as inventory management systems. In addition, the trends in warehouse automation have also led to profitable and productive majors with technological advancements.

The warehouse automation market is a fragmented competitive landscape. The market remains open to the entry of new players despite high initial investments. The growing interest in technologies such as robotics, automation and AI offers strong opportunities for cross-industry collaborations and mergers. Some key players in the warehouse automation market are Lucus Robotics, Toyota Industries, KUKA AG, Geekplus, Omron Corporation and ABB Ltd.

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Impact of e-commerce on the warehouse automation market

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, total e-commerce sales have reached $ 25.6 trillion in 2018. This was a significant 8% increase from 2017. In addition, UNCTAD also reported that B2B and B2C sales in the same year accounted for 30% of global GDP in the same year. This is a major boost for players in the warehouse automation market. Electronic commerce required faster operations and a global delivery system. This efficiency and connectivity requires the use of digitization, automation and global connectivity. In addition, B2C commerce, a key driver of global e-commerce, saw a further increase of 7.05 to reach 404 billion dollars by 2018. The growing demand for e-commerce, decreasing costs of cross-border shipping and technological advancements in automation will lead to robust growth for the players in the warehouse automation market.

Key trends in the warehouse automation market

Foodservice Show 73% Automation Potential in 2020, Manufacturing 59%, Agriculture 57%, Information Technology 35%, and Professional Services, World Bank Report Says have a potential of 34%. Most industries, including foodservice and manufacturing, are currently operating below rated capacity relative to their potential. That may change soon. The World Bank report also highlighted the acceleration of automation due to the covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of warehouse automation, as standards such as social distancing, the infectious nature of the disease, and the high risk of potential death required an instant change for businesses. In addition, advanced robots today are capable of performing a variety of business functions including packaging, picking, transportation, inspection, sorting and security. The growing demand for automation and the growing potential due to advancements in AI and robotics remain the main drivers for the acceleration of the warehouse automation market.

3D printing opens up new opportunities in the warehouse automation market

3D printing is quickly becoming the new battleground for innovation in key sectors such as healthcare. The 3D printing technology promises to replace human organs with artificial ones for patient care, storage and research. In the case of organs like the kidneys, waiting times can be up to a year. In addition, despite the long waiting times, these organs remain out of reach for the most part due to the high associated costs. 3D printing can not only make organ transfer a reality, but also enable pharmacies, hospitals, research centers and warehouses to store organs safely. This transformation is already underway in the case of fracture coffins, dental models, tissues, surgical tools, etc. 3D printing will also increase the demand for in-house warehousing for many facilities. Additionally, due to the delicate and technical nature of its medical application, high-end automation and storage will be essential components of 3D printing in most large healthcare facilities. Small hospitals or clinics will also need distribution services, including an automated warehouse to reduce delivery times for medical products such as coffins, dental fashions, and surgical instruments.

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Warehouse Automation Statistics: An Overview

Annual shipments of robots and automated guided vehicles or AGVs are expected to reach 620,000 in 2021. This stood at a modest 40,000 in 2016. The number of shipments is likely to increase at a high rate, as 40% of companies around the world should invest in shuttle systems in warehouse processes. The likes of Amazon offered major incentives and a live case study for millions of businesses dependent on warehouses to automate. Amazon, known for its large workforce and exceptional delivery speeds, has seen huge success in warehousing in recent years. This resulted in unforeseen challenges like the collision of robots with its workers during an unfortunate incident. However, the e-commerce giant has also opened self-checkout stores in major cities, with full automation for inventory filling, warehousing, payment systems and other automated advancements.

At September 21, 2021; Locus Robotics has acquired a colleague in warehouse automation Robotics Company Waypoint

Key developments in warehouse automation Marlet

Warehouse automation companies continue to innovate to make supply chains and logistics an integral instrument of global e-commerce. As the cost of transportation continues to decline, the origin of manufacture remains largely relevant for most products. Therefore, we will see a continued focus on increasing transparency and automation in supply chains.

  • OMRON Corporation, announced on 5 August the launch of a new PCB inspection system. The series named “VT-S10 series” provides AI imaging technology to automate the inspection process with high precision. This inspection is essential for electronic substrates, eliminating the need for highly trained inspectors. The system can be integrated with a communication system like 5G and be connected to electric vehicles, and can be ideal for electronic substrate identification among new AI electric vehicles.
  • Geek +, a leading player in the warehouse automation market, has launched a new intelligent palletizing solution for mixed boxes. The new solution, launched in 2021, promises to help warehouse operators systematically manage outbound orders in combination with autonomous mobile robots. The new process promises to streamline outbound deliveries with increased efficiency, security and flexibility.
  • Lucas Robotics announced in 2021 that the company had raised another $ 150 million financing in series E, to bring the valuation of the company closer $ 1 billion. Its new investors include Tiger Global Management, BOND, and its previous investors include Prologis Ventures and Scale Venture Partners.

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