An educator’s long-standing love for music passed through his trumpet


Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – Society has many different uses for the trumpet.

It is used on Remembrance Day and rises above a church congregation at Easter and Christmas.

But for millions of students around the world, it’s a first introduction to a love of music that can last a lifetime.

And it was for this pursuit that Ron DiLorenzo began a 40-year career in Ohio County schools, first as a music teacher at Woodsdale Elementary School, then as Dean of Students. of Wheeling Park High School.

He was such a phenomenal communicator and really when he spoke to you you were the only person he focused on.

Ron’s wife Roberta DiLorenzo

This is why, after his death two years ago, his wife Roberta created a memorial fund to transmit his passion for the game.

It’s an annual donation to the band’s program and what better way to start than with Ron’s own instrument.

A shiny King trumpet will now be in the hands of children who have just learned their scales, one that DiLorenzo has played at Patriot gatherings and for his own family.

Birthdays, always, he would bring his trumpet to all family birthdays and play “Happy Birthday”.

Ron’s wife Roberta DiLorenzo

This tradition is now in the hands of his grandson Luca, who is now a brass player himself.

And he’s not the only one who inherited Ron’s musical ear.

My other grandsons Angelo and Dominic play the trombone, and we have a granddaughter who plays the trumpet, so music is a common thread in our family.

Ron’s wife Roberta DiLorenzo

Roberta says that as an educator herself, she did all she could to keep the music programs alive.

She calls it great discipline and a bond with others, and that an early start can be the key to unlocking a talent for life.

Whether or not they continue the instrument with which they started in elementary, middle or secondary school, they still have this training. And there are no social ties like the students in the group.

Ron’s wife Roberta DiLorenzo

So, after years of entertaining friends and introducing children to the love of melody, Woodsdale’s new trumpet will have one more use: to remember an educator who sparked generations of artistic talent.


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