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BOONE – The Appalachian Theater of the High Country (ATHC) has announced that the High Country Cloggers will join bluegrass/hip-hop artists Gangstagrass in performance at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 19 on the Doc Watson Stage for Americana Music at the Appalachian Theater .

Best known as the creators of the theme song to “Long Hard Times to Come” for the FX hit drama, “Justified”, Gangstagrass created an original Emmy-nominated mix of bluegrass/hip-hop music.

Rolling Stone Magazine hailed the group in its May 2017 issue, saying, “Gangstagrass fuses string instruments with hip-hop artists, making arguably the best pitch yet for a rap and country music marriage. Their new album “No Time for Enemies” was released in August 2020 and quickly rose to number one on the Billboard bluegrass charts, as the band continues to explore new sonic territory while showcasing just how great the sound of the America is amazing when it all comes together.

It was the music of Gangstagrass that lit a fire under the feet of the High Country Cloggers as they danced in the 2021 Virtual Presidential Inauguration Parade.

“The parade featured performers from every state in the United States. It was a proud moment when our local High Country Cloggers represented North Carolina and danced to the Gangstagrass song ‘Barnburning’ onsite at the iconic Blowing Rock,” said General Manager Laura Kratt. “We are very pleased to bring these two dynamic groups together for the very first time to present “Barnburning” together at the Théâtre des Appalaches. »

Developed as a studio project 15 years ago by Brooklyn-based producer Rench, Gangstagrass has grown into a dynamic and spontaneous live band of Americans – from Omaha Nebraska, Pensacola Florida, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. DC – who have become close friends. Several work hard at other jobs (one teaches computer programming, another works at a comic book store) to support their passion for music, and four are fathers with children ranging in age from baby at University.

The band has released six full-length albums with dozens of Billboard Top 10 bluegrass chart appearances. Gangstagrass tracks have featured Nitty Scott MC, Dead Prez, Demeanor, Kaia Kater, and legendary rap team Smif-N-Wessun, among others. Rench, the Brooklyn-based country and hip-hop producer who is the brains behind Gangstagrass, created the instantly recognizable Long Hard Times to Come with TONE-z that opened every episode of the FX show Justified and earned Gangstagrass a 2010 Emmy nomination for Best Theme Song – further proof that Gangstagrass, “paved the way for Old Town.”

Rooting and branching out across unprecedented genres, Gangstagrass thrilled crowds and blew minds around the world, earning a reputation among fans for its vibrancy and spontaneity. From SXSW and Gray Fox to the Americana Festival and overseas music festivals, these live performances smash the boundaries between genres usually considered incompatible. Howie Mandel has described Gangstagrass as “the recipe America has been looking for so far” and “what America needs right now!”

Taking full advantage of the improvisational aspects and virtues of hip-hop and bluegrass, including frequent three-part harmonies, MCs Dolio the Sleuth and R-SON the Voice of Reason exchange verses and freestyle alongside the unrivaled skills of fellow singers Dan Whitener on banjo, BE Farrow on fiddle and Rench on guitar and beats.

Formed by Vanessa Minton in 1989 and currently under the direction of her daughter, Amber Hendley, the High Country Cloggers will take to the stage at the App Theater before traveling to Dublin in March 2022 to perform in the annual Saint -Patrick in Ireland, the largest event of its kind in the world.

Tickets for this concert are $30.

For more information on these events and COVID policies, or to join the theater’s eblast list, obtain tickets, or purchase subscriptions, please visit the ATHC website at www.apptheatre.org.


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