Aimée: ‘I’m lucky I’ve never felt out of control since signing – I’m running my own ship’


Rising Irish pop artist Aimée on her beloved new single ‘Nobody Else’, creating feel-good music and comparing notes with superstar songwriter Max Martin. Photography: Miguel Ruiz. Stylist: Zeda the Architect.

Dublin pop star Aimée Fitzpatrick has come a long way since buying her own recording microphones as a teenager. The 27-year-old signed to Universal Music after a string of stunning singles and a collaboration with “Maniac 2000” DJ Mark McCabe. Boasting both breaking and empowering anthems, her debut EP of 2020 confessionand last year’s follow-up “From The Heart,” were both gems.

For good measure, the singer also appeared on the cover of Irish Women In Harmony’s Cranberries, “Dreams.” Now Aimée is determined to make further inroads into the mainstream with her brand new single, the dance banger ‘Nobody Else’.

“I’m lucky that I’ve never felt out of control since signing,” she says to herself. “I really feel like I’m steering my own ship. I was writing and working with lots of different producers, but I just knew I wasn’t ready. It could have been a lack of confidence, but I had to wait for the right moment and the right song. Then I did a feature film with Mark McCabe, and that’s how the label discovered me.

“They asked for a meeting and wanted to hear my own stuff. Since then they’ve had me in the room with amazing writers – that’s how I met my producer. Everything seemed to line up perfectly. Once I found the right producer and the right team, it gave me a boost of self-esteem. Things just clicked.

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Given how new Aimée was to the industry, how did the singer-songwriter cope with the Covid-19 lockdowns?

“Oh it got to a stage where I was on!” she laughs. “It was difficult, because it was at the very beginning of my career. Everything was going uphill until Covid hit. I had to decide if I was going to give up and do nothing for two years, or enjoy this time I started writing on Zoom and building new relationships I’m glad I did because otherwise I wouldn’t have my new single, and I wouldn’t have gone to Sweden and met Max Martin I was kinda into funk for a while.

“Nobody Else” is a feel-good track that mixes 90s R&B with a sleek, modern Swedish pop twist. Working on the song over Zoom with Richey McCourt and Swedish writer Nick Jarl (Westlife, Loreen), Aimée then flew to Stockholm to complete the song.

“I knew I was going to go anyway, because Nick, the producer and songwriter I’d worked with, lives there,” says Fitzpatrick. “I didn’t realize this would be a trip that would completely change my life! It is definitely one of my best cities to visit in the world. It’s so inspiring. Besides its beauty, the place is incredibly clean and safe, especially for women. The first night I was there, I met Max Martin.

“Nick had arranged it as a surprise for me,” she continues, beaming. “When I got off the flight he said, ‘Follow me, I want to show you something’ and I assumed it was a monument. Nick knows that for every song we work on, I think always, ‘What would Max Martin do?’ We pulled up in front of this townhouse with massive doors, and Nick just had this giant smile on his face and said, “Max is waiting for you.”

“We sat in his studio for hours and he listened to my new music, giving me feedback. He also performed unreleased songs with the world’s biggest pop artist, which was such an exercise in confidence on his part. I could have scared him away! He was super nice. People always say don’t meet your idols, but he exceeded expectations. If Max Martin gives you song changes, fuck you do them. I called my label and my marketing team to hold the song, and we literally made the edits that night.

The single is the first song ever written about her boyfriend and “the safe space”. It’s a joyful counterpoint to Aimée’s most heartbreaking numbers.

“‘Nobody Else’ was supposed to be a love song, which was different for me,” she says. “People assume I hate men, because all my tracks are breakup songs or feminist jams. I deliberately wanted to write lighter music for when the world opens up, and you’re getting ready for a night out, or that you blare it in the car on a sunny day. My boyfriend always asked me when I was going to write a song about him! He loves it and his mom is thrilled. She gets a little mention in the second verse.

“We’ve been best friends since we were seven. We didn’t meet until we were 20. I had other boyfriends, he had other girlfriends, but we were always best friends. He ended up getting out of the friend-zone, poor kid!

•’Nobody Else’ is now available.


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