6 important tips for shipping your musical instruments safely


Music is part of everyone’s life. It does not have to be a tagged work of art. It can be a simple rhythmic sound outside your house or apartment. It can also be barking, meowing or other sounds your pet makes. Music is all around us. It is up to us to make our music our own.

In the current pandemic, there is an obstacle to transporting things. This is due to the limitations that people make for precautionary reasons. It’s hard to ship our beloved instruments with our love for music. With its unique shape and size, it is difficult to carry them around. Lucky for you, here’s a guide to shipping your musical instruments safely!

Here are some of the tips you need to know:

Prepare your basic packing materials

When shipping a specific item, you need to prepare basic packing materials. But, of course, how can you send them then?

First, you need newspaper or scrap paper that you can crumple up. You need to put it around your instrument to protect the fragile part of your instrument from breaking. You must pack your instrument with papers for added security for security measures.

Prepare reliable tape and a box suitable for your instrument. Choose a great packing tape as it will serve as the base for your shipment. The size of the box is also crucial because an instrument has a unique dimension. Check out this guide for UPS Box Sizes by Red Stag.

It would be better to prepare scissors, bubble wrap, rubber bands, markers and stickers. These differ from instrument to instrument. You need to know what your instrument needs.

Obtain its volumetric weight

After preparing the elements, you need to know the volumetric weight of your instrument. It is essential to know this since your shipping costs depend on it. In other words, if your box is big, your price is also high.

Know your carrier choice

In shipping, you should always know your choice of carrier. There are different carriers. You have to find the one that suits you, the cheapest and the safest. Since you are shipping a musical instrument, chances are you will pay more.

Pack your wind instruments

If you bring your wind instruments such as trumpets, trombones or flutes, then you are in luck! This is due to its low cost and ease of packaging. Be careful, however, as loose parts are difficult to house and secure.

You should wrap them carefully and avoid packing them too tightly. Be sure to wrap them enough for security, but not too much. If you have a case, secure the latches with tape or put shipping tape on.

Transport your stringed instruments

Let’s say you’re a guitarist with an expensive guitar. You need the best expedition gear you can find at the lowest cost. Don’t worry because securing and shipping your guitar is easy with a little help.

To ship stringed instruments, you need more preparation than for wind instruments. This is due to its larger parts which require separate boxes to avoid damage. Another problem that can arise is the large size of your instrument. You need a big box to accommodate this. Then of course you need more cost for these.

Ship your battery

Drums are quite easy to ship due to their separate part structure. But it can be a bit difficult because it takes a lot of boxes to send them as a whole. First, you need to remove the legs and take the tom rack from the drums. Next you also need to remove the bass drum skins and the line inside the bands. Right after, you can start wrapping them with newspaper inside.

Be sure to use shipping tape to secure the packages inside the drums to prevent damage. You should also fill the gaps in the drum with newspapers for extra protection. You can put a few kegs in the same box to save costs with ease. But be careful not to put too much in one container as this can also damage your set.

Check if it is ok to add insurance when shipping

Now that you know all about shipping your beloved instrument, what now? Well, you need to think about adding insurance to your shipments. If you think it only adds security to your package, you’re limiting its benefits. Here are some of the benefits you will get by adding insurance to your shipment:

Helps you to be calm

It is frustrating to ship precious items because there will always be doubt in its journey. But, with the help of insurance, you can be calm and not worry about it. The insurance company will cover any damages to your item. Of course, your item may suffer minor damage, but your insurance will cover it.

Be a responsible seller

If you are selling your favorite instrument, instrument safety is a priority. You don’t want your customers to feel bad when they receive the item. That’s why you need to add insurance to avoid these problems. You may never know what will happen to your article – you need faith. In this case, trust is hard to come by as it will cost you – another reason why you should be sure and get insurance.

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It’s simple and easy

If you think getting insurance requires a lot of paperwork, you’re wrong. Carriers provide insurance for their shipments more often than you might think. This means that a simple addition to your shipment will ensure the safety of your item.

You are to blame when he has damage

If you do not have insurance, the shipment is your sole responsibility. If it is damaged, the shipping company will not cover it. When you sell it or give it to someone, they will feel sad with your broken instrument. Save yourself the blame with insurance.

Save costs when shipping instruments

If you think about it, you save more by investing in insurance than you think. The original price of your instrument with its memories includes its actual cost. These are the actual costs that exist in your instrument. You don’t want to lose everything in shipping. That’s why you should insure yourself. With a small cost, you are sure to save more.

Instrument shipping is a significant issue for those who own one. It requires considerable effort and cost to adapt. Therefore, you should follow the discussed guideline to maximize your sends.

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Posted on February 6, 2022


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