3 Perfect Custom Home Renovations to Do This Fall


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When the bright, warm evenings begin to turn into cool fall nights, many of us will be looking forward to spending some time getting cozy at home. And not only that, adding a cozy space that you look forward to spending time in or around is a great way to uplift your mood and your home during the colder months.

According to Simon Tcherniak, lead designer at high-end furniture brand Neville Johnson, updating your furniture to reflect the seasonal clock is just as important as changing the color of your home accessories.

“As well as boosting your mental well-being and re-energizing the love you have for your home, it also creates a customer-friendly space and adds an instant wow factor to every visit,” says Simon. “Fitted furniture can be a fantastic way to update your home to prepare for seasonal changes. Fresh, bespoke designs with pops of warm color will instantly transform a bright, airy space into an ultra-cozy home ready to entertain.

Here are three bespoke renovations that will be the envy of customers throughout fall, winter and beyond. Best of all, you don’t even need an entire room…

A family locker room

With the added bulk of thick winter coats and thick jackets, as well as boots, umbrellas, hats and scarves, now is the time to start thinking about how to store these items efficiently.

family locker room

Neville Johnson

Having a dedicated boot room, with plenty of shelving and storage space, makes it much easier to keep clutter out in cold weather. Concealed coat racks or cubbies for storing shoes and boots all help keep the space organized and thus create a calming space that isn’t chaotic to look at. For small spaces, consider using an alcove or large closet, if possible.

A tailor-made wardrobe

If you have an empty storage room, even a closet for the most compact spaces, transforming it into a walk-in closet designed around your needs can instantly transform your home. It’s also a great space to introduce color. From dusky pink to tranquil teal, customize your space with your favorite hue to make it truly unique and a space you’ll love spending time in for years to come.

pink dressing room

Neville Johnson

In practice, for a dressing room, be sure to mount shelves (a combination of open and closed) to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space. And don’t neglect the lighting – use spotlights to add drama and highlight your centerpieces.

A vinyl bedroom

Music lover? Why not consider creating a vinyl piece in your home? As vinyl record sales have grown for years, competing with the norm of digital downloads and streaming, the need for emotional escape rooms at home has also grown in popularity; a new home design trend in the wake of the pandemic. So create the music room of your dreams by turning a box or spare room into a space to store your favorite records, as well as your turntable and other musical equipment, or even to display or play a musical instrument. music.

vinyl records

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Consider open shelving to showcase your favorite artists and albums, closed cabinets to hide cables and tech, or use built-in ladders to make finding the perfect record to play even easier. For furnishings, choose a comfortable chair or loveseat and a side table.

But if vinyl records aren’t your thing, why not create a library at home to store some of your favorite books.

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